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Sad News...

Dear Friends,

     Tuesday afternoon, 10/21/2003, my newest bunny, Odysseus, husband of Athena, passed away during a routine tooth exam to grind down his molar spurs, where he was put under. His heart stopped unexpectedly after his vital signs showed he was fine. It was very sudden, but he was probably an elderly bun.
     We were never sure of his age, but he was most likely between 8 and 11 years old. He was even developing cataracts and arthritis. He might have had a heart condition too. Last spring, the vet provided every health test imaginable, quite costly, and he received a clean bill of health - for an older bunny. But there were uncertainties even after the tests.
     He lived a charmed nine months with us nonetheless. He had the best of everything. The best food (tons of fresh greens twice a day and the best hay), the best home, two litterboxes, completely free-roaming the house day and night, a doting BunnyMommy (me), daily massages, and most importantly, daily kisses from his most beautiful and loving wife, Athena.
     Athena is quite sad, but handling it better than expected. I've been giving her much, much loving and lots of banana. I've even bunny-proofed our bedroom and welcomed Athena in anytime of the day (a real treat for her). She has been sleeping with us and hopping around on our bed - usually waking us up around 5am by pouncing on our chests. (Sweetness!)
     The last two days have been very heart-wrenching for me (eyes all puffy!). Especially yesterday when Athena kept looking up from petting when there was the slightest noise - hoping to see Odysseus come around the corner, I'm sure. However, we took her to see his body on Tuesday at the vet, so she senses on some level that she was not abandoned.     
     Last night, we layed sweet Odysseus to rest at the farm rescue where we got him (formerly PigHoppers). The memorial went well - very hard to take, but well. In our hearts and minds, Odysseus kept urging us to be happy, to celebrate his life, and to celebrate our own.
     Athena is getting the royal bunny-pampering treatment and is enjoying it. This is how we are honoring the memory of Odysseus - by trying to experience as much pleasure as we can in the present circumstances.
     Odysseus would have wanted us to be happy for his life, not sad for his death. As I mentioned to my husband last night, if Ody saw us crying and wailing like we have been, he would have run up to us, given us a good bite on the leg to bruise, grunted, and hopped away kicking his legs out intolerantly. He was the most charming and debonair gentlebun, with the sweetest manner I have ever seen - and he always knew when to give us nips.
     He will always be remembered and will live in our hearts and minds forever.
     Lapinly Yours,
     Amy, Robert, & Athena Bunnybutt Nasir

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