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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Turn Signal Insight

One day, I will learn how to create my own customized bumper stickers (the magnetic kind that you can remove anytime, of course). I have a message that I would love to have displayed on my car for all to see -- please use your turn signal. But in case this might sound too preachy, I've penned a better phrase:
Turn Signal Users Make Better Lovers
Provocative, to-the-point, and nice like me. This phrase implies that those drivers who do not use their turn signals are impotent or sexually-awkward -- which, I think, is true.

I have politely considered the arguments given by people who believe that signaling before changing lanes will only make the other drivers not let you in. I find this to be a weak excuse for lack of courtesy, and an expression of cynicism. It's important to send the message out to other drivers that you are changing lanes. It is not only a courtesy, but most importantly, it indicates that you are a conscientious driver and in control of your car -- and that you are not having a stoke or heart attack, unable to control your car, and therefore weaving between lanes.

So to all turn signal users: I salute you!


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