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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Using Ayn Rand quotes online

I'm back... finally! I'll check in later on where I've been -- but it's basically been fun-filled adventures I've been having.

Here is an online comment I made today in response to a smear article regarding Ayn Rand blurted out by a guy named Sam Anderson in New York Magazine:

"She’d start piecing together her rationalist Tinkertoys until the mighty Randian edifice towered over you" [quote from article]

I don't think Sam Anderson understands what he is trying to write about. He is describing the majority of modern philosophy university professors, not Ayn Rand. She based her entire philosophy on reason, through and through.

It appears that Anderson feels threatened by logic. If so, what is he basing his arguments on? His tantrums are appropriate to air on some street corner, but not in this publication.

Perhaps Anderson should take some friendly advice from Ms. Rand:

"A man who is run by emotions is like a man who is run by a computer whose print-outs he cannot read. He does not know whether its programming is true or false, right or wrong, whether it’s set to lead him to success or destruction, whether it serves his goals or those of some evil, unknowable power. He is blind on two fronts: blind to the world around him and to his own inner world, unable to grasp reality or his own motives, and he is in chronic terror of both." -- Philosophy: Who Needs It

So I wish Anderson luck in his life -- without reason and logic, that's the only thing he'll be able to count on.

A tip of my hat and curtsey to Harry Binswanger who suggested (on HBL) inserting quotes written by Ayn Rand. In this case, it was a perfect quote, and I'm glad I could display an example of her brilliance. I'm going to make it a point to use quotes from the Lexicon, so that people who haven't read her can at least read a little.


Blogger Burgess Laughlin said...

Amy, thanks for demonstrating Dr. Binswanger's advice to include a sample of Ayn Rand's writings. In my case, I know I have been experiencing link-burnout. I ask someone online why he supports X -- and I get a link instead of a reasoned argument!

Offering a sample makes a point even if the reader doesn't follow-up. And it helps especially in comment threads in which links are not allowed.

Of course, that doesn't mean links aren't useful. They are -- for those few readers who want to explore further.

October 20, 2009 6:42 PM  

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